What Remains of Mysteries?

Click the image for the poems

These poems were written in October: around the time in the year of the ancient Greek ritual of Thesmophoria. This was a mystery ritual associated with the goddess Demeter and her daughter Kore. It was undertaken by women only – unlike the similar Eleusian mystery ritual, which was open to anyone.
The poems pick up on the themes associated with Demeter and Kore – those of birth/death/rebirth (i.e. the cycle of life and death). Taking place during Autumn, these notions have specific resonance.

I have also picked up on themes of Melancholia – associated as it is with Autumn, with middle age and with questions of existence.

To read these poems, click on the image, or the tab “Thesmophoria”, above.

3 Comments to “Thesmophoria”

  1. I wanted to take some time and tell you how amazing your writing is. The benefit in reading your posts, besides the beauty in them, is the educational content. Thank you for that. I can grow through reading your work. It’s a valuable contribution you make and I thought you should know. Belinda

    • gosh – don’t know what to say. Thank you so much. I always try to look out for your work (and busymind certainly fits your output). It means a great deal when a writer of your freedom and skill passes on such a message. Again, thanks.

      • You just made my entire day. I felt it important to let you know how much your contributions mean in my life and then you return a most kind sentiment. I am humbled and honored you opt to share your time with me. Blessings

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