The Song of Ondine

Poems in Water

click on the image to read the poems

These poems – originally written for an installation shown by Oxfam – are on the general theme of water. More specifically they examine aspects of water within the sphere of the female spirit Ondine.

Ondine (also spelled Undine) is an embodiment of water and waves, of obscure origin. There is a clear Greco-Roman history as well as Celtic and Germanic elements of her myth. Personally, I felt I had had quite enough of the heavy, earth-bound, masculinity after spending a couple of months buried deep in the Minotaur poems. Ondine may be seen as a re-balancing, as a way of washing away all of that rock dust.

The poems pick up on how all substance has an essential liquidity. How, no matter solid we may perceive this “stuff” around us, it is all in a fluid state. Buildings, forests, our bodies, may seem so solid and yet all will dissolve into time. Ondine’s song has a long refrain.

To read the poems, click on the image or the tab “The Song of Ondine” at the top of the page.

One Comment to “The Song of Ondine”

  1. City in rain and the souless are just beautiful.
    Thank you.

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