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Ariadne’s Ritual (video)





a short film for the poem Ariadne’s Ritual, which can be found in this collection.


Theseus and the Beast


To gods we are forgotten beasts

Whose only sacrifice is time.

We play, we suffer, pointlessly:

We know that look of weary rage.


If we were older, you and I,

A fight like this would seem absurd.

We’d sit together, spin our yarns,

And cling to deeds that once meant all.


I see the scars about your face,

The way you sway and hesitate.

You seem too heavy on your feet.

You don’t react, you hardly move.


No questions, cries or final words.

No mercy begged, no mercy shown.


The Minotaur Hunt


You get a single ball of twine,

A single sword, a single chance,

And every single step you take

Is one more step towards your fate.


Down there the air is thick as rock,

The cold is rotten, damp with slime.

The smell crawls through you,  coats your mind.

Down there your only friend is fear.


And in your hand that ball of twine –

A point of day imbued with flight –

Like air in lungs it has its time,

And step by step the ball unwinds.


You hear the breath and know it’s time.

You stop and wait for death’s red eyes.