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Secret Hiding Place


Amongst the lime-sun barley spikes,

A conch-curled shell of azure hides:

A field of summer, field of spring,

A field that Demeter would sing


Where lovers run through trails of stems

And trace their broken tracks through life,

To where the underworld begins,

To where the sun and night are streams.


It’s there amongst the twisted grass,

There they hang from grains and grasp

At rains which come as echo seas:

The hidden ones who cast their shells


For now their light of life will glow,

And deep within their mysteries flow.



Poem inspired by the rather wonderful photograph, taken by Silentwonderland,

and found here:






The Mystery of the North Wind


The skies of ice have scoured the fields

And scarified the dormant Earth.

A flock of fieldfare crackle south

And scatter tales from Arctic wastes.


The planet tips the silver sun,

And pours the hungered hoars of god,

Forgotten herds and stranger’s words,

Ephemeral mists of tundra swans.


The settling stillness hangs as haze,

Too fine for sight, it taunts the light.

A winter pale, the merest veil,

Impossible the crystal threads.


Who now translates the polar songs?

The stars? The birds? The voiceless ones?

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The Wings of a Dove


Each filament a shaft of light,

An interlocking burst of sun,

A fugue which twists and weaves through space,

A mass of radiated song.


The barbs are pointed beams of force,

Are concentrated shards of time.

The wing tips touch and spark with stars.

The secondaries flux and flow.


A planet’s mass should drag it down,

Should crush it to its heartless core:

Impossible the flick of flight,

Incredible the ruffled shake.


Beneath its roost the careworn miss

This miracle released from weight.