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The Island Girl


Across the water on your eyes,

The depths and glimmer glint of soul,

Of shoals on reefs on island shore,

And there to swim and dive and dream.


The light where times converge as spark,

And from which point the point begins.

Beyond the stillness comes the breeze,

Of headland holding back the seas.


The strength of you, the space of you,

The moments and the life of you,

There are no distances from you,

This beat, this pulse, this isle of you.


And there we fly with gulls and sighs:

I kiss the sea light of your eyes.



To Maria.



Song 7: Do You Realize???


A universe of bursting mass,

And circling, cycling lives and deaths:

Repeating forms, forever on,

All came to stop that rainy day.


Confetti scattered, Solent salt,

Balloons and cakes and Tennyson:

I’ve never been as scared or proud.

Your strength and beauty linked in gold.


The planet span about our day:

Our photos placed that point in time.

The sun would never set again.

Our memory had merged as dreams.


And arm in arm we took those steps,

Then floated through the ocean breeze.


The Isle of Wight where we heard Do You Realize??? by The Flaming Lips.