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Hawaiian Goose


A lava line around the neck,

Thrust from the seabed: drops of jet.

Their lonely births are fire and rock,

Are isolated slips of blood.


Those eyes: the brightest black on Earth –

Whose depths we fill with shallow hopes –

Inhuman, but within each one

A loss so great it is our own.


These islands we behold as birds –

Too far away, too bright to know –

Perceived as wondrous specks of light

Within the ocean blank of life.


They stare a question from our soul:

Are we alone or are we whole?




Beyond the Overland


They walked the ocean bed and leapt

The current springs and waves of kelp.

They drove their herds through bass and shad.

They camped beyond the lowering cliffs.


They wore the fronds of ocean tides,

The moon pulled threads of silken light.

The phosphorescent foam of waves,

Tied strings of pearls and amber beads.


Their songs would echo through  the streets,

Around the harbour walls and boats,

And those who heard were caught for life,

In nets or pots or harpoon wire.


Some say they came from further south,

From lands they sought but never found.




The Island Girl


Across the water on your eyes,

The depths and glimmer glint of soul,

Of shoals on reefs on island shore,

And there to swim and dive and dream.


The light where times converge as spark,

And from which point the point begins.

Beyond the stillness comes the breeze,

Of headland holding back the seas.


The strength of you, the space of you,

The moments and the life of you,

There are no distances from you,

This beat, this pulse, this isle of you.


And there we fly with gulls and sighs:

I kiss the sea light of your eyes.



To Maria.