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Degrees North


Beyond the north: a second north.

Beyond that north the memories fade,

And tales take hold of dark and ice,

Of endless nights, of swans in flight,


Of dead who walk with mirror step,

Of land where rock will crack and burn,

Of skies that burn, of snows that burn,

Of seas that swell with monster’s bones.


Beyond that north, there’s nothing more,

There are no dead, there’s nothing born:

The formless still, the waveless sea,

A void as deep as space is cold.


It’s in us all, that silent space.

It’s in our blood, it’s in our graves.




The Mystery of the North Wind


The skies of ice have scoured the fields

And scarified the dormant Earth.

A flock of fieldfare crackle south

And scatter tales from Arctic wastes.


The planet tips the silver sun,

And pours the hungered hoars of god,

Forgotten herds and stranger’s words,

Ephemeral mists of tundra swans.


The settling stillness hangs as haze,

Too fine for sight, it taunts the light.

A winter pale, the merest veil,

Impossible the crystal threads.


Who now translates the polar songs?

The stars? The birds? The voiceless ones?

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