Series of Ten

Ten things… why ten? Seems a round number. There’s a bit of the Kabbalah about it (but I can’t say that was really on my mind until I wrote this here. Anyhow, ten it is. Ten lists. Ten things I’ve seen or done. These include ten films, ten songs, ten walks, ten art works… you get it. Ten things I remember: things which have meant a great deal to me. As is usual with my writing, I use this basic framing device as a “way into” a range of subjects. The primary explorations in this case are of the walk/film/song etc as a mnemonic device – a method of remembrance – and also as a commune with other worlds (a walk/film/song etc takes you out of your life for a while). These two notions have long been accentuated in the ceremonies and processions of religions and mysteries. This is a two way process, a storytelling tradition as old as folk. It’s a tradition most poets tap into.
Follow the tabs at the top of the page to read the ten lists…

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