Poems of Hearing and Time

I started writing this series a couple of years ago during a bout of hyperacusis and labyrinthitis (ear infections). It was made abundantly clear to me during this illness that hearing was far more than merely registering sounds. There are so many links with emotions, perceptions and thought processes associated with hearing – as well as the physical balance issues in one’s ears. The physical hypersensitivity to hearing I suffered also brought home to me the curious links between the senses and our perception of time. I would go into a weird time-tunnel when my illness got bad – space would spin (due to the balance) but also time would come in and out of focus – some weeks would spin by, whilst seconds would sometimes seem to takes an age. As always, I try to make stories and myths from this kind of spur. It has taken me into looking at both hearing and time from different perspectives. I hope you enjoy this approach.


Follow the tabs on the drop down menus for the poems (sometimes things like Kindle don’t do this well – I’m on it…).

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