Of the Sylph

Of the Sylph

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Songs of the air.

The sylph are elemental spirits of the air (as set out by Paracelsus). This is the next sequence of poems I’m writing based on such forces (the others, thus far, being Grassington Minotaur and The Song of Ondine). As with those poems I have approached the subject from many angles – but one theme which appears to be developing is that of indifference. Whilst forces may appear to shape, and be shaped by, the world around them, the air elemental (for me) seems somehow aloof. Thematically this gives a greater degree of lassitude: I can approach both positives and negatives with equal weight.

Liberty is often only viewed as a positive force – but if one is free from responsibility for, and love of, those around you it is pathological and vicious. The sylph are capable of all forms of liberty.

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