A Week in Slovenia

These poems were written during a week’s stay in Slovenia. It was my third visit to Slovenia, a country for which I have a particular feeling. The series examines the nature of “being a tourist” – of discovery, of misunderstanding, of making assumptions, of learning, of naivety, of understanding. It also includes the kind of tales we all find in travel (encounters with unusual situations and people). It is not intended to be an encapsulation of a country on its terms – it is a deeply personal reflection. in this respect it could be titled “A Week in thecheesewolf’s Head”. There are, however, aspects of the geography, politics and history of Slovenia which would be difficult to ignore: the “transit/border” nature of its location (being between the Central European, the Balkan and the Italian worlds); its “new nation status” (it is a country still coming to terms with itself and its past); how the appalling financial crisis has impacted on its ordinary folk (how this is so similar to how ordinary folk the world over are suffering for the sake of those untouched by such things).

Follow the tabs on the drop down menus for the poems (sometimes things like Kindle don’t do this well – I’m on it…).

I hope you enjoy the stay in my mind for a while.

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