Train Leaving


That lost, bewildered look she loved:

So why, today, was he a wreck?

“Forget the night”, she said again.

They fell in drops about her feet,


Those heavy tears, they fell inside.

She made her smile for one last time:

It formed a line about her lips

Which wasn’t there the day before.


The first he knew she’d walked away,

A rueful cast upon her frown.

So there he stood, alone and cold:

He wished he’d worn a better shirt.


He wished he had a clever line.

The platform span and she was gone.



This poem was written as a response to the photograph by artist Cheryl Garner. It is part of an on-going journey.

The photographs, with poems, can be found at:

the work of Cheryl Garner can be found at:

7 Comments to “Train Leaving”

  1. beautifully expressed. poignant words.

  2. An amazing poem which could be a scene from a gripping old black and white film. Most emotive in the images evoked..


  3. Isn’t that the way of it? We always wish, in retrospect, that we had had a better line. (At least, I know I do!)

    Whirling Photo Album

  4. You have rendered it true in every detail. Especially the “line about her lips”.

  5. Beautiful moment of regret and longing.

  6. Oh how my heart aches for the two of them . . . .

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