I’ll see her standing in the rain.
The place, the time: they never change.
She hugs her bag in front of her,
Her toes are on the yellow line.

It’s rare to see her raise her head.
On days like this her hair is wet
And darker than its usual brown.
She stares on to the tracks, unmoved.

For years we’ve shared the same routine:
She stands, I wait – anticipate
Her being there, existing there –
A confirmation of our lives,

And how our lives are drifting by.
Her toes are on the yellow line.


This poem was written as a response to the photograph by artist Cheryl Garner. It is part of an on-going collaboration.

The photographs, with poems, can be found at:

the work of Cheryl Garner can be found at:


10 Comments to “Commuters”

  1. I could see her standing there…I often wonder how dreary commuting must be
    come… I see them all lined up at the train station everyday…good poem…

  2. It is a very beautiful picture of real people. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Lovely writing. You’ve created a vivid picture. Yes, our lives do drift by….faster than we would like.

  4. I love this, it reminds me of when I used to commute to work. Others I would see along the way and wonder about. Great visual with the yellow line.

  5. ‘her toes are on the yellow line’ says so much

  6. Wonderful imagery.. a sonnet on commuting.. and that repeated line. I say reach out and say hello… it can do wonders…

  7. How well you capture a moment in time – and her toes on the yellow line. Lovely.

  8. …a very lovely piece emphasizing keen observation of the human world…. yet, i can sense sorrow somewhere in the end & the telling as a whole… i enjoyed this… smiles…

  9. A GREAT observation of someone! And how oftentimes people are part of our lives, without … communication … touch … etc! However, they are THERE and when they “disappear”, we miss them! I like this poem! Makes me think of someone who walks his dog in the park while I take my walk. We rarely rarely talk, and when we do it is in passing, and it’s about the weather, and/or his dog… but I know I miss him when he isn’t there, i.e., he’s part of the environment, my “background” for me!


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