Stepping Out


The dress was blue and never aged.

She dropped it on and felt its cool

The same as on the autumn day

She bought the dress, without his say,


Her week revolved around these streets:

Her home, her walk, her week of work,

The wall which held a wagtail’s nest,

The ruts on pavements, worn by years.


She passed his parent’s former house:

The new folk kept the garden neat.

She passed the chapel, then the pub.

She felt the village watch her walk.


He never said he liked the dress:

Or if he did, she didn’t hear.



7 Comments to “Stepping Out”

  1. A small piece of a life. Well done.

  2. I can see her, making that walk, and remembering. Wonderful!

  3. A feeling of inner loneliness in this figure who seems to find some inner strength in the wearing of a blue dress bought for her by her.

  4. This saddens me really….that he never said anything about her dress. Your poem gave a vivid picture here.

  5. A sad and lonely life. “She felt the village watch her walk.” This line emphasizes how she is seen apart, not part of the village she speaks of. And apparently not part of her home either. I can see her walking the streets with these thoughts flitting through. A lonely woman wandering, and all conversation in her head. Well done.

  6. I like the fact that she “dropped” the dress on instead of “slipped it on”, or “put it on”.

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