Belfast City (Airport Lounge)


There’s nothing here that’s left to say.

The street sides reek of other worlds.

An emptiness envelops us:

The bars are full, the hilltops dark.


There’s space between the cranes and stars:

A pile of other people’s trades,

So high it greets the tourist jets

With soulful songs of loss and regret.


The shops are full, the eyes are down.

I’ll walk a slightly longer route.

I don’t – and never will – belong.

I left and didn’t add a word.


The sun’s the same: it lights the glass

Of windows up The Falls to Whiterock.




5 Comments to “Belfast City (Airport Lounge)”

  1. Sometimes, sadly, it seems there is no regret when one leaves a place. This seems to express that kind of sentiment. Always good to see your writing here!

  2. You have captured well the feelings of feeling alien, or an outsider, in a country not your own. So well done…….

  3. some places we instantly feel we belong in, some just don’t offer the same comfort. but belfast?

    • hard to tell… my son’s just moved there for University. I really liked the place on the one hand (it has an energy and a spirit), but… hmmm… it is a place with so many complications and contradictions. I think it will take a while for me.

  4. So true…..the sun is the same where ever you might be.

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