The One Consoling Beauty


The one consoling beauty is

These words will fade and pass away.

The sun will dim, the moon will fall,

And everything will cease to be.


We’re one: we’re all just one alone.

The earth and sky, the walls of stone,

The foals and horses running free,

Yes, everything will cease to be.


I touch your hair, and know its flow.

There is a tear beneath the smile,

And after all, it had to come,

For everything must cease to be.


I breath the air: it reeks of pasts,

Of love which came and meant so much.



12 Comments to “The One Consoling Beauty”

  1. What a beautiful poem! It is knowing that everything will pass which makes us treasure it all the more.

  2. Excellent tone to this and the repetition is handled with wonderful placement and precision! Super nice!

  3. Beauty can be paradoxical – reminding of treasured and painful memories. It can unsettle our boundaries. A beautiful poem.

  4. this one really touched me.. beautiful.

  5. there is a sadness that runs through this…that all will cease…especially when it comes to relationships…if only we could hold onto it, but then would it be as beautiful?

  6. Thanks for comments and thoughts. I don’t normally spell things out, but… I had a sudden thought the other day that the fact that everything – everything – passes is actually quite a beautiful thing, I mean, if there was a pecking order to loss, that would be a sad thing indeed. And where this was written from, small consolations matter.

  7. a mournful and beautiful sonnet ~ M

  8. In spite of the sadness that runs through this, I get a sense of urgency to see and experience what every day does bring.

  9. “We’re one: we’re all just one alone” – the poignancy of this poem hits me right in the heart. Beautiful writing! The “tear beneath the smile.”

  10. i like the rhythm of the poem.. love it 🙂

  11. What a wonderful piece on the transience of things. Very moving, and thank you for sharing.

  12. This is really provocative, double meanings, mysteries … and where are the words I need to say what I mean! 🙂 There’s a twist in this poem, in the meaning … if it was just about “beauty”, I would go, well that’s nice, and then forget it… but there’s more here than meets the eye.

    I like that. You made me think. You puzzled me. I want to know what you meant and I’m glad that I don’t totally get it … that means it will stay with me (because I LOVE solving puzzles)!


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