The Things (Les Choses)


Video Poem: The Things (Les Choses).

Poetry by thecheesewolf (aka Gavin Jones), music by Joseph Kwasnik

Inspired by the writings of Georges Perec and Walter Benjamin, The Things (Les Choses) is a history of the everyday, of objects imbued with personal meanings and stories. The five poems together tell the tales of five objects which have formed part of my life (indeed part of me) for the last twenty or so years. The images were all filmed in my home on the Lancashire and Yorkshire border (in the North of England). The music, by Joseph Kwasnik, was recorded in the same room as the filming. In keeping with my other works, this poem looks at the central theme from a range of perspectives.

3 Comments to “The Things (Les Choses)”

  1. Awesome collaboration 🙂

  2. Gavin, as a work of art, this is spectacular. I like your voice, the music, the black and white – your words. This really is moving. Moving and well done. BUT! I am old. Will be 67 soon and I want “also” to see the words and photos. This is not just a “want” but comes from a growing deficit in my senses as I must read things more than once.

    • There is a facility to have subtitles on the video – I will put these on (they can then be turned on/off as required through a button on the bottom right of the youtube screen). I’ve been very busy these last few days, as college is about to start up again. As soon as I can, I will. And thanks very much for your comments.

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