Object No.5 – Flat Pack



We’d join the meteorites of life:

The points of light, the dying tails.

The “thing” and then the “consequence”,

The reasons why it might make sense.


Each move we’d make we’d need some more:

Another shelf, another chair,

Another clothes rail for the shirts,

Another crater for our hopes.


We’d join the panels, find the slots,

The pins and dowels, the creaking locks.

Then gravity would pull them in:

Our fallen stars, our lifetime’s things.


The drawers might stick, the mirrors crack,

And once they’ve gone, there’s no way back.



5 Comments to “Object No.5 – Flat Pack”

  1. Marvelous Cheesewolf stuff lately!

  2. Thank you for kick starting the brain.

  3. Don’t know if I’m reading too much into this but it haunts me in that it parallels a warning for the mind to ascend or be drawn into the vacuum and lost among other useless things. Fine writing! The rhythm is exquisite, perfectly smooth, delicate in its flow of meter. A genuine pleasure to read.

  4. It’s funny. When I read or listen to a poem, there is usually one line, or phrase that draws me INto the poem.

    For this one it was …. The pins and dowels, the creaking locks.

    It was like I could feel those pins…


  5. I love your writing it is absolutely enchanting =)

    The new prompt is up if you want to have a go

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