Object No.3 – Box File


I’d set its flawed trajectory

On shelves in dust and broken trust,

In New Town where I’d left the clues

And lived on loneliness and lust.


I’d bury all its sorrows deep,

Escape and wander through Kings Cross,

Through London’s raging, aching streets,

Through hotel rooms booked by the hour.


I’d fall again and jump the Strid,

Leave echo patterns on its shelves,

Take on the shadows it had made,

And mark regret upon its lid.


Within that air of many pasts,

Pathetic proofs that nothing lasts.


3 Comments to “Object No.3 – Box File”

  1. A few details… “Box File” where I kept story ideas for years. “New Town” in Edinburgh. London areas are Kings Cross and Paddington – areas with interesting night life (shall we say). “The Strid” – is a short stretch of the River Wharfe in Yorkshire. It is a notorious stretch of rapids – very narrow, but unfathomably deep. People have been known to try to jump across it. Some fail and never come out. I’m still not sure I know many of the stories in “The Box File”.

  2. A splendid concept, and a very engaging poem.

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