Object No.2 – Soap Stone Monkeys


The tins of peaches, tins of cream,

All stirred with sugar, served with juice,

Shot through with North Sea gas and war,

With woodsheds, polish and despair.


There could have been the three wise apes.

They’d sit beside that music box,

Where Maurice Jarre and Pasternak

Were lost amongst the jewelry paste.


And off downstairs, the TV times

Would bring the wrestling, bring the scores,

And pools results and solemn prayers,

Before the pier-end sing-alongs.


Those three wise apes would see it all,

They’d hear, then chant their soap stone curse.



14 Comments to “Object No.2 – Soap Stone Monkeys”

  1. poem 2 of 5. Memories of the 1970s evoked by a little sculpture on my sideboard

  2. I’m not really sure why I like this piece. It does remind me of something, Though at the moment I’m not sure what it is!

  3. That’s such a charming poem!

  4. Jarre and Pasternak. Nice.

  5. The ending line is superb ~ I like the tins of peaches & cream contrasting with gas & war ~

  6. i agree, the closing lines are superb…

  7. reminds me of the things we carry…this little totem made it through much, war….and life….and what came after….see no, speak no, hear no….

  8. They watch us indeed, Gavin and beware the ancient curses…

  9. Beautifully penned, as usual!! YOU always work magic with this form.

  10. I so admire your excellence with this form, kiddo. The three apes made me think of the Hear No Evil, See No Evil monkeys……this is an intriguing poem, full of Pasternak, apes, peaches and war.

  11. A truly wonderful view of man’s madness through the eyes of those three onlookers…Love the language and the great imagery..


  12. I loved it. Also love the name of the blog…cheesewolf. LOL…. I am a cheese wolf too. I love cheese. But this poem was not cheesy at all, it had depth and layers and it felt a bit…melancholic, in the midst of the imagery of the 3 apes.

  13. so many bits of life here and the three monkeys see not hear not and speak not……

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