The Letter Bird of Recurring Nightmares


I knew in sleep the beast would come,

And so I stayed awake too late.

My forest village lived to fear

My nightmares, clawing from their skies.


Beyond the lights of round-hut fires,

The Letter Bird had wasted worlds,

And screamed and stalked and hawked its prey.

It ripped at meat with metal beak.


They waited, huddled, through the night.

They heard its wings. I tried to wake,

And hoped, if not, their walls would hold,

And keep the Letter Bird at bay.


I rarely woke before it claimed

Another victim from my world.



for the prompt “Childhood Dreams” put up by

mindlovemisery link here… CLICKY


15 Comments to “The Letter Bird of Recurring Nightmares”

  1. It certainly hasa medieval flare to it, and frightening.>KB

  2. Oh wow this is ominous/scary! I remember a few of my nightmares from childhood as well this one is extraordinary, I can see you were a writer early on

    • the letter bird was a weird one. It was like a giant woodpecker with gothic script all over it. Goodness knows what it was about. Mind you I had been reading some folk tales at the time – and they can be fairly “head messing” even for an adult.

  3. In the states a lot of children’s books were disneyfied so to speak (happy endings, attractive characters) here in Sweden the stories can be horrifically dark and even morbid. Some of the children stories I have read here are 10 times more terrifying than any horror movie I have seen lol That is a really intriguing dream maybe you should turn into a children’s story!

  4. I have a recurring nightmare from childhood that is like this a bit. *Shivers!* Well written!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  5. Now I know why you write such vivid stories…you practice in your dreams…good idea
    this was a great piece.

  6. Focused, fluid and sufficiently scary. You write well. Enoyed.

  7. It was all said above, but had to add my kudos—great poem.

  8. What a FGREAT idea for the “boogieman”, the monster who invade our sleep!!! πŸ™‚

  9. Excellent when read aloud! Way powerful and cleanly balanced meter work so well with word choice and image. Fine piece of writing!

  10. your nightmare monster is scary. t reminds me of a book i had when little that had a drawing of a bird that was a pair of shears with legs and a beak.

  11. Chillingly beautiful! I had so many nightmares as a child, so easy to relate to this. Superb write!

  12. Interesting! Grabbed and pulled me in!

  13. Scary…. nice approach to the prompt. I went silly for a change πŸ™‚

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