A Breath (A Stream) – video poem



A video poem of the piece A Breath (A Stream). This video poem was filmed in the summer of 2013, and is of the upper reaches of the River Wharfe (Yorkshire Dales National Park, England).

It is one of a series of video poems made to accompany my 14 line poetry.


The words for the poem can be found in this collection (below).

26 Comments to “A Breath (A Stream) – video poem”

  1. I had to look for the text of the poem, my video is whacked. But I thought it was breathtakingly beautiful.>KB

    • Opinion needed: YouTube has a subtitles type facility (which viewers can turn on/off). Do you think that’d be a good thing to use, or distract from the film/sound? Am unsure.

  2. goodness that is glorious!

  3. I really enjoyed this… Michelle…

  4. Beautiful! As for the subtitles, you should put, someone might listen then decide to do again with subtitles on. As long as there is option not to show them, it should be a good idea.

  5. oh its lovely…your easy flow of voice fits the stream and the video…love the close…the running of the fingers through the stream…now & ever was….

  6. Oloriel… if you get a chance try out the “automatic captions” under the transcript button on youtube. They use some software that tries to transcribe the dialogue: the results are hilarious. See if it does it in Serbian – I’m sure the results would be just as funny as its attempts at English. Luckily it is possible to type in your own subtitles!

  7. Sorry but I can’t see the link 😦 Do you have the written piece as an alternative~

  8. Beautifully done. Loved watching the stream and hearing your voice read the poem.

  9. So lovely….the video and the words. Revitalizing.

  10. Very relaxing

  11. Your voice over the stream is a perfect, and quite lovely combination. I really enjoyed this!

  12. Incredibly beautiful. The video leaves me breathless and your words are a perfect accompaniment. You read so beautifully. Loved it.

  13. lovely, your voice flows nicely, like the river.. loved the closing lines..they ring on.

  14. enjoyed this!

  15. Dear Gavin,

    That was breathtaking…

  16. magnifique… I’m speechless… Have a great week and tons of inspiration, cheers! Mélanie

  17. I thoroughly enjoyed your work … thank you.

  18. I really enjoyed this! I’m not sure whether the text on the video would detract from the experience. Would you consider putting the text of the poem below the video on the blog post. A rereading of the poem would only serve to enhance its meaning, at least for me!!

  19. gorgeous piece! Fine writing and works great aloud, not to mention that you have an excellent voice for this!

  20. Gorgeous writing and beautiful presentation.


  21. Lovely.

  22. I enjoyed your reading and presentation.:-)

  23. I enjoyed both text and video, each alike yet with life of its own

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