The Minotaur’s Freedom (video)




A short video for my poem “The Minotaur’s Freedom” (which can be read further down this collection).

12 Comments to “The Minotaur’s Freedom (video)”

  1. An enchanting, quiet excitement in this video presentation. Delightful.

  2. I love the timeless sense of heritage in the background. A thoroughly enjoyable visit today, Gavin. Thank you.

  3. Very impressive poem, Gavin; and even more impressive with the added video. (I went back and READ your poem as well.) Perfection!

  4. nice verse…what a realization that those outside seem much more dead there in the end…really nice and peaceful scenes in the video…the use of wide open spaces accentuate the freedom and your closing contrast

  5. Mesmerizing…

  6. This is wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing your work in this way – it truly adds to the experience!

  7. i agree with brian, the use of wide open spaces accentuate the freedom and the closing contrast… how timeless this subject seems…

  8. What a spectacular presentation. LOVED the beautiful scenery you get to walk through, you lucky critter…..absolutely beautiful. Made my morning. Glad it is on youtube, kiddo! Hope you get lots of hits.

  9. Beautifully done – both the writing and the video! I enjoyed the scenery too!

  10. What a cool idea to read out your poems. Loved it. Must try that sometime too.

  11. Oh wow this blew me away! Very well-done, great voice =)

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