The Apple Trees


We sit beneath the apple trees,

Which bloomed all through the long decline,

And raised their blossom to the skies:

A world of struggles, famine, war.


Those complicated patterns form

Across the grass like veins of time,

And radiate out from the trunk:

They chart another year of growth.


Another era for their leaves,

Which we will live, then leave behind,

As bees and beetles, moths and flies.

The shade is cool, our days are short.


We plant the seeds and tend the shoots:

Above us spread the apple trees.



12 Responses to “The Apple Trees”

  1. Amidst all that happens in the world, life goes on.

  2. smiles…planting new life is a high calling…seeing the fruits of your labor as well…what a respite in a difficult world to be under that apple tree….i like how you use leave/leaves back to back…the charting of a years growth in the veins through the grass…pretty cool piece….thanks for visiting today…

  3. “Those complicated patterns form
    Across the grass like veins of time” – i like this image…and the connection of human nature with nature itself.. i like it.

  4. This reminds me of my childhood. One birthday my parents gave me an apple tree. It was a small tree, but by the time I left home it had spreading branches and was rich with fruit. That apple tree definitely spread above me! A very nice write here….with meaning beyond nature. (And yes, thanks for the visit!)

  5. Magical piece, with a lovely flow.

  6. You gotta love a good apple tree, and a good verse about them!

  7. I love “those complicated patterns form across the grass like veins of time”…..wonderful writing. I love the reference to past wars in a scene presently peaceful. So we dont forget.

  8. mmmm, this is so lovely. Especially love the wordplay withe leave and leave–subtle, and the flow of life, truly a beautiful poem:-)

  9. There’s something comforting in knowing the cycles of life continue…that nature produces year after year, even when we aren’t there to witness it. This was so lovely.

  10. Gorgeous, I agree with the above commenters the flow is amazing, whimsical as a spring breeze

  11. Reading this poem made me wonder if British Apple Trees and American Apple Trees are the same. I know Brit Crows are NOT the same as Yank Crows so …. it makes me want to look up Apple Tree in the UK (All hail the Internet!). I think this means your poem was a success. It made me think 🙂


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