The Faerie Fears of Next Door’s Dogs


The dogs next door are watching bats.

Their pirouetting eyes are fazed,

By moon-dark nightlights glowing sparks,

By flickering wings and siren songs.


Beyond their reach the myths are spun,

From bats, to moths, to lunar casts.

Entrancing echoes bounce around.

The violet shades dragged from their dreams.


The tendrils of that other world,

Come curling from the undergrowth.

And by the nightlights dogs are turned:

They’re lantern eyed and garish hounds.


The faerie demons bite the howls:

And off they run, and how they run.



19 Comments to “The Faerie Fears of Next Door’s Dogs”

  1. Wow! Really wow I love how this reads I just want to keep reading it over and over! The imagery its stunning =)

  2. I read your poetry aloud, lingering on your superb last line. So fine.

  3. Oh, I really love the image of these dogs chasing faerie demons! I can just see the mess of fur and ears all over the place. Beautiful!

  4. to add to your picture, one dog is a Westy, the other a kind of border collie-ish/pointer-ish one who wanders off a lot (looking for ice cream).

  5. Looking for ice cream; sounds like my springer. I love this series, by the way.

  6. beautiful and wonderful out loud.

  7. Wonderful imagery! This poem was particularly vivid to me!

  8. My first visit to your site and I’ve enjoyed reading your “The Garden” trio–well done.

  9. 😉 faerie demons, very nice

  10. “The violet shades dragged from their dreams…” Beautiful! I am going to roll those words around in my head all day.

  11. “And off they run – and how they run…” what an incredible closer. The fairies’ revenge! This brought me a sense of peace, for all the nipping and such! Thanks for stopping by my blog, too. Peace, Amy

  12. Delightful wording and imagery! Well done!

  13. I thought this was just beautifully engrossing to read. Your images and thoughts of mythos are in line with mine-the tiny myths in life.>KB

  14. poetry, the visceral kind, has the ability to look so easily digestible, and then its substance hits you, and you want more. you are talented. thank you for sharing.

  15. I really like this one. A lot going for you here.

    Their pirouetting eyes are fazed,

    What do you think of removing the “are” since you have it in the line above and it’s the passive voice that often weakens writing?

    • Hmmm, have read it again and I remember now. I liked the music of it, how the repeating “are” slows down each line towards the end – makes the lines kind of spin in a quick/slow kind of way. When working in strict iambic tetrameters, these kind of musical elements bring a variety to the reading and add to the dramatic effect.

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