Three Hares Linked


Across the steppe and mountain plain,

The hare came tumbling, carved on rock.

They spoke no language, gave no sign:

They simply were the three as one.


Along the silk route, scratched on wheels,

The traders pondered what they meant,

And made up tales and sang them songs:

The hare were lovers, mystics, gods


And on a distant, ice-cliffed, shore

The hare at last could make their peace.

They found a place of fragile walls,

Which faced the sea and all its storms.


The three were one, their journey long,

Together: water, stone and sun.




14 Comments to “Three Hares Linked”

  1. Some amazing images.

    Love the closing lines as well.

  2. This is really well written.

  3. The meter and rhyme lend to the magic of the story that has a distinct mythic flare to it. Very much enjoyed the read and it makes me want to write something using form.

  4. Super pretty poem, deceptively simple, wonderful music. k.

  5. I admire your poetry and voice. Wonderful imagery and form.

  6. One of my favourite symbols, and one I frequently wear. I was delighted to stumble across a tiny medieval tile in a local church that still bears its image.

  7. This reads as an interpretation of a possibly older fable, but one that is lost to me. The relationships read as anthropological. Standing on its own merit, a great piece of writing! Kudos!

    • “one that is lost to me” kind of sums this piece up… the three hares symbol is shrouded in mystery as to its original meaning. It certainly travelled across Asia and everywhere it went people created meanings for it. I love that “lost to me” element…

  8. And after a peruod of settlement they evolved to become the krishnas !, so much fun, thanks

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