Those eyes, which take the souls and run

From hedge to far and vanished hedge,

Can pierce right through the skin of time,

And see its luminescent depths.


With unmatched speed and dancing heart,

A spirit dreamer, cast from minds,

Runs out across the plains and moors.

It runs not “to”, it runs “because”.


They watch us with our weighted gait:

Our feet, our arms, our thoughts in clay.

So slow, we live within a day:

A single, monstrous, leaden day.


They watch us with those eyes of light,

Those eyes which see beyond our sight.



9 Comments to “Hare”

  1. I really like “It runs not to, it runs because….” It would be interesting to be inside the mind of a hare, I think, to see the world as it sees it & know what it is thinking as it watches us and other things. Our gait is definitely weighted, compared to the hare’s. We can only dream about being so light on our feet.

  2. Very vivid and subtle word picture of the hare.

  3. I so love “a spirit dreamer”….love the lilt of this,…… “our thoughts in clay”……..and your closing lines just sing.

  4. This piece just sings–loved the form and rhythm of it

  5. I love this! You really captured the essence.

  6. Love this! Beautiful language, and graceful rhythm–like the movements of a hare.

  7. A smooth and lyrical piece!

  8. Nature and its inhabitants (I don’t count people, so divorced are we from the realm) have a way of affecting us. It might be this fanciful tale… it might be the first monarch butterfly of the season. But hares have a way all their own, and I do believe they know more than they convey. Loved the traveling “not to, but because.” Really hit home for me. Peace, Amy

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