Peripheral Vision (Turrell Light)


The dark absorbs all sense of self.

A draining whole, negating space.

I stand and stare, alone and small,

A mind as lost as light itself.


There is no movement, nothing drifts,

The echoes of the first and last.

As flux eternal overwhelms,

The grip on truth disintegrates.


On truth: on what was built as such.

These fragments dazzled by our words,

These hopes and histories which choke.

That truth, that fraud, collapses in.


And I am left: a tiny thing,

A light in light, a flame in flames.



29 Comments to “Peripheral Vision (Turrell Light)”

  1. note: James Turrell is an artist who creates work using light and space. Do go see if you get the chance.

  2. Very gorgeous trail of words, much to learn from this and I will check out the artist aswell as soon as I can.

  3. Beautifully written. I like the idea of the dark absorbing all sense of self. The couplet ending is magnificent!

  4. Ah this is elegant and lovely – a dignified poem – that holds its head high and speaks with clear voice 🙂

  5. Beautiful…the dark can swallow you up, and you expressed this very poignantly.

  6. You blow me away you know that? I agree with drpkp I am always struck by your elegance

  7. Such a beautiful poem, thank you for sharing

  8. wonderful lovely as the best of the impressionist paintings.

  9. This poem so reminds me of the classic poets in its message, rhyme and meter – and I adore the closing couplet! Wow.

  10. love the closing couplet as well

  11. such shining beauty and the secret truth of truth expressed in the black wholeness of your words. Wow!

  12. Yep, elegant is the right word! From the title , through each line right to the powerful end! I especially loved the line ‘a draining whole, negating space’ I had to read it several times – haunting!Wherein the Muse’s Vehicle Goes into the Shop For Repairs

  13. I love this; I felt it.

  14. Truth that fraud…the perennial philosophical it elusive perceived or ever fixed…A concept that could inspire yet another hundred poems:)

  15. I loved this. The rhythm, the flow, the subject matter. Just a fabulous view of truth.

  16. “The dark absorbs all sense of self.
    A mind as lost as light itself.”
    – can relate to that. and the truth.. we build as such, it’s so true. and I like those who bend those beliefs.

  17. cool overlay of images!

  18. Your first line caught me unaware, made me think of many things, as well as the question: Is that why so many of us fear the dark? Then read on and got lost in the words you wove. Love the imagery, the constant contrast between light and dark, and it goes without saying that those final lines made me stop and go back and start all over again. Thank you,


  19. I like this. Forgive me for asking … what is Turrell Light? That intrigues me.

  20. “This is just the kind of sense that’s … not” That’s my kind of sense, as is any blog that links wolves and cheese. Perfect, glad to reciprocate, I like disappearing up my own or someone else’s metaphysics and this poem is VERY metaphysical. Keeping reading.

  21. What a superb ending, I loved this. I wrote something along a similar idea sometime back. 🙂

  22. Sound has the same influence on me, coming as a shock because it so rarely happens: do you know anywhere really quiet? or even dark?
    The Light Show at the Hayward Gallery was the source of one of the first postings I made at

    • totally agree about sound. There is a story concerning John Cage: he wanted to know real silence, so he went in an anechoic chamber (at UCLA I think) and meditated for a while. When he came out he asked the engineers what the low hum and high pitched whine he could hear were. They were dumbfounded. The chamber was supposed to be silent and they recorded nothing. Turns out Cage was hearing the sound of his own blood and nervous system. Moral: if you can hear silence it is because you are dead. Life and light are intrinsic to life.

  23. Thank you for visiting my blog today. I appreciate the time you took to stop by. May your day be filled with joy and peace.

  24. Lovely poem, poignant. I love that first line 🙂

  25. Hi thecheesewolf. Thank you for liking my poem ‘ Highway Robbery!’ Best Wishes, The Foureyed Poet.

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