The Revelation of the King of the Talking Birds


The dream let loose its chirm of birds,

Each one had words to call the world:

The verbs of night, the howling nouns,

All clichés bursting from their beaks.


And in their flock, right at its heart,

The silent bird, the mystery bird,

Swept all the others round the wood.

It led them, though it never spoke.


The birds had followed through a storm:

Bedraggled, fuddled, half alive,

For news had spread that HE would speak

And tell them all how they should be.


He opened up his awful beak

And to their horror, softly squeaked.



inspired by prompt #5 – Cliche from



17 Comments to “The Revelation of the King of the Talking Birds”

  1. This is wonderful it really makes me think of creation myths which have always deeply intrigued me. Incredible job =)

  2. you have a very creative mind…I really liked your post for the prompt

  3. I love the rhythm. It’s beautiful but it makes me think of how people blindly look for and follow trends.

  4. No Way! Still laughing! Wonderful!

  5. The emperor has no words. Probably better than politicians with words only. I love the phrase, “howling nouns”–great ear!

  6. ha. funny poem…and interesting story to it…
    hope you find time to visit a few others as well…

  7. This poem had a sense of humor and still held a message..intriguing

  8. Fantastic! I love your poetry wolf!

  9. Really enjoyed reading this. Great work.

  10. I love rhyming poetry. It’s hard to find lately, and yours is great.

  11. Thanks for following my blog. I will follow yours as well. beebeesworld

  12. Brilliant finish! How many times have we been lead by leaders who squeak when they should roar!

  13. Reblogged this on Words in rhythm and commented:
    Great ending, love that more than I can say!

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