The Dance and the Dancers Both


The dance begins at half past two.

They break us, bend us, lash us to

Their silhouettes and pirouettes,

Across the maps of fiefdoms formed.


On barricades and barbed-wire proms

They build themselves a wall of trees,

And there they prance their mountain dance

To rules set out by forest kings.


We cower beneath their dancing shoes,

Their ballroom, breath room, cold war gloom.

They chat, and rat-a-tat, and crack

Our tarantella minds with tap.


At three they leave us to our tears,

To empty moves in darkened rooms.



stream of words poem written in response to:




10 Comments to “The Dance and the Dancers Both”

  1. I love this its absolutely fantastic =) Thank you so much for joining. How was your trip?

  2. entering the stream, nice flow!

  3. This is great. I particularly love, “We cower beneath their dancing shoes / Their ballroom, breath room, cold war gloom” 🙂

  4. I felt as if I was listening to a ballroom floor…I never thought about that before but maybe…

  5. Wow! It usually goes, “if these walls could talk” this time it appears to be the floor! Great write!

  6. Excellent! I always think your wonderful poetry rhymes – when it doesn’t – it flows so beautifully and expertly. Gifted you are Cheesewolf.

    Ann :o]

  7. Gloriously entertaining. Great stuff.

  8. The new prompt is up I’d love to have you =) I feel rather stupid but what do I click on to find your most recent posts?

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