Night Birds Calling


In other times, on darker nights,

The ones who carved the stones would quake

At forest howls, at spirit streams,

At shadows flitting through the trees.


But us: we see the lights of planes,

We hear the distant hum of roads,

We search the nightjar – tick that box –

We walk straight lines of forest tracks.


Oblique we stand – their world breaks through –

There’s distance here that we can’t know.

We hear the birds, we sense the fear:

Religion, science, mean little here.


Our pride and indolence are new,

These creatures scream from something true.



11 Comments to “Night Birds Calling”

  1. the closing couplet was quite awesome.

  2. human will always have their pride , but nature is just adoring, it will never feel proud in giving away its gifts.

  3. As always, I love the rhythm and format of your work. I enjoyed the build up and then the zap of the closing lines.

  4. “These creatures scream from something true.” – perfect. 🙂

  5. I am reminded of the perfection in nature and the Fibonacci patterns we see everywhere – in a sunflower, a feather, an iris, our distance with nature seems to increase with technology – evocative.

  6. Your words always give me a settling / a stillness & something to reflect on!

  7. Nature has ways to humble our pride and slice through our indolence.

  8. I like this. I am curious about your name “cheesewolf”. 🙂

    On Sun, Jun 9, 2013 at 3:59 AM, thecheesewolf

    • Hi – for an explanation of thecheesewolf moniker, ask my parents… joke. No, for real, check out the biog-interview Poets United did – if you click on my picture on the about page it should take you there.

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