Alone Again Or


The dust and strings and motel lights:

An Iliad of horns which weep

Across the desert south, and sweeps

The meeting place of every scream.


They all converge and break their songs.

Cicada tremolos, which tease

The furtive loves lived out of bounds:

Illegal mouths to feed with dreams.


The voices dub and layer above

A canyon deep, where visions clashed

On streets with water cannon blasts.

Achilles – swift – has lost his fight


And hangs alone above the sands:

A broken man from distant lands.



Prompted by:


inspired by:

Alone Again Or,  by Arthur Lee and Love

14 Comments to “Alone Again Or”

  1. Beautiful in word & image.

  2. This is incredible, the second stanza is my favorite even though every stanza is beautiful, I am listening to the song now because I hadn’t heard it before.

  3. Excellent work! It draws you straight in.

  4. from someone has walked the walk of alone…this hit home…not great memories but then it is part of me and your words brought it up from somewhere below…that’s what god writing is…touching someone..making them face who they are…and were.

  5. wow what a tale told in your verse…was not familiar with the song either prior to this but you have a really nice story telling style…the last couplet leaves a bit of a chill as well…

  6. It’s the last couplet I shall remember most vividly, but a scintillating poem throughout.

  7. A wow from me too. Beautifully told.

    Anna :o}

  8. The new prompt is up if you like to participate again I would love to have you =)

  9. Illegal mouths to fill with dreams, excellent

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