Bachman’s Warbler


The light of neurones formed of gold.

The light of skies beneath the lakes.

The light of memories dying out.

The light of mourning fireflies.


Out there, before the war forgot

To purge its nightmares from our streets,

A weightless shimmering of blood

Had stopped to drip on southern crops.


Its song was shackled to its fate:

Its song of falling, song of light.

Its burned with topaz in the swamps:

A voice of sunlight through the night,


A drop of blood which stained its loss

On leaves and lives and crosses born.




2 Comments to “Bachman’s Warbler”

  1. Bachman’s Warbler is (or was) one of the beautiful family of New World wood warblers. It was golden yellow with a grey and black cap, and was – like most warblers – migratory. The last confirmed breeding pair were seen in the 1930s and the last definite sighting was in the mid-1980s. There is an area in Carolina which may hold a small population, but for nearly thirty years has vanished. Environmental destruction is likely the cause of its demise.

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