She plumps the furs to make them soft,

Then settles down to share her thoughts.

The image world of snow and rock

Soon takes her to the meeting place.


The children play outside the cave,

It’s cold, and bright, and leopard free.

Their voices echo through her dreams.

Across the valley mothers join.


One shows an ibex, one a storm,

They share their images and tales:

She visions children playing safe.

The mothers strengthen her embrace.


They all have seen the tears of life:

This mountain valley is their space.



11 Comments to “Yeti”

  1. short note: pretty much everyone I asked thought of Yetis as male – abominable snowMEN. But of course this is nuts: there have to be mothers also… then I had a thought of solitary little families in the high mountains, the mothers of which keep in touch through a kind of clairvoyance/image transfer. They shared a spirit of the mountains and of “yetanity”.

  2. Some nice gentle rhyme and half rhymes as well. A mothers poem for mother’s day.

  3. Oh, I love this vision of mothering. All mothers, no matter where,
    envision their children playing safe and pass down their tales!

  4. “their voices echo through her dreams…” wow, love this!

  5. I really love this piece. I believe it encompasses motherhood.

  6. What a great poem for Mother’s Day. As you said above, I have never thought of female yetis and I am not disappointed at the first things I hear about them.

  7. Absolutely love the originality with this poem. The subjects and the unusual ‘yetanity.’ Superb!!


  8. Such an original idea. I love the thought of the mothers communicating telepathically. Awesome write.

  9. shades of motherhood spreads across living beings. Each havign their share of concerns and space! wonderful….

  10. nice…no matter the species, mothering is transcendant…the wants and desires of the child…of the mother…to see her kids grow healthy…and to pass on the stories of the family….cool write…

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