Words on Island Shores


We spoke the words on island shores:

Before the rains, before the snows,

Before the coming storms and floods.

We spoke the words, we heard the world.


It shook the islands, shook the ferns.

It took a word from oak, a word

It took, and tales it spun, the oak –

In mountains – pouring spoken rains.


We passed beyond the lives of oak,

We took the tales to coming storms,

The mountains spat the islands down,

We heard the tales and spoke the tales.


Unbroken tales from skies, to rains,

To lakes, to oaks, to island shores.



8 Comments to “Words on Island Shores”

  1. Lovely rolling, splashy & green feeling to this.

  2. You speak with a really old voice…like a sea captain. Even the cadence reminds me of someone who stays grounded in the swells

  3. Great words and wisdom here.

    If only we listened to the world…

    Anna :o]

  4. They must be very important words!! xo

  5. I love the rhythm of this piece.

  6. Stunning as always =) The new prompt is up!

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