Under the Tree


So let’s not say that time will end,

Instead let’s watch the summer light

Come pouring through the valley leaves,

As if there were no other place.


And let’s not say it passed us by.

The earth beneath our feet is firm:

It stays the same – it doesn’t change –

We touch it, know it, share its pull.


So yes, we’ll simply linger on,

And take our shelter from the rain.

We’ll wait until the wind has calmed.

We’ll wait until the sun returns.


These moments, here beneath this tree,

Mean everything to you and me.



27 Comments to “Under the Tree”

  1. I loved this. Such a positive beat to it.
    Dropping by from Poetry Pantry.

  2. Wonderful poem that felt like an embrace – beautiful form in repetition which closed the hug 🙂

  3. very soothing and encouraging

  4. Oh, this is just beautiful. Sometimes, I think, one does just wish one could stop time….and savor those moments sheltered and together beneath a particular tree forever.

  5. lost in those moments and the memories they create

  6. This beautiful poem is poignant about so many possible things that it is sure to evoke a pleasant memory in everyone. Well done.

  7. Yes, I am under that tree just now…thank you.x

  8. beautiful romantic lyric.lovely lines.such effortless authenticity in these lines.

  9. This is SO BEAUTIFUL……..in a topsy turvy world, I take that same comfort in the land under my feet and all around me. I especially love “Instead let’s watch the summer light”…..

  10. So enchanting, just love this one.

  11. Beautiful. So serene, magical.. the best poem I’ve read today, and in a while. Thanks for the positivity!

  12. A very placid and peaceful read. A hopeful theme:)


  13. Bittersweet and flowing words

  14. a fine piece – love the tone of this one

  15. This is beautifully written.

  16. Your sonnet is resonant with lyrical charm.

  17. slowing down enough to appreciate life beneath a tree…maybe then we can fully appreciate life…as otherwise it often does pass us by in our rushing…

  18. I like this. 🙂 It’s easy to get lost in heavy ponderings and forget to enjoy individual moments sometimes.

  19. What rocks me about this is the sense of serenity and calm that it radiates. That feeling of being in the world and one with the world in the moment that somehow transcends the world is very special. I think you do a wonderful job in making all of that real.

  20. Beautiful poem ! Sweet!

  21. Nice lines. Stanza 2 is strong and has especially nice flow and rhythm. Enjoyed this very much. 🙂

  22. this is lovely! esp the closing couplet.

  23. Love this. Reads like a poetic hug. Wonderful.

  24. This one makes me smile 🙂

  25. Caught in a rain storm with someone you love? Perhaps a metaphor for moments in a relationship? Loved the poem.

  26. Beautiful poem, so evocative. I loved the last stanza.

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