Fox on Pendle


How far? The shadows on the sea:

The pools of Irish light and rain,

The Dales, the Fells, the Lakes, the sky,

And heaven burning through those eyes.


The sodden feet where dotterel land,

The pounding heart where plover call,

The simple path, the vision scraped,

The buzzard circling overhead.


How far? From Israel to the mill,

From handloom to the broken hand,

And further still, the trees and hills:

He saw them, feared them, felled them, climbed.


How far? Beyond the passions’ reach:

As far as words and mysteries teach.



5 Comments to “Fox on Pendle”

  1. George Fox, the founder of the Society of Friends (the Quakers), had a vision on Pendle Hill in Lancashire: ironically a sacred site from long before Christianity.

  2. really an interesting look in on something i know very little about…thanks for the note in your comments as well so i can pursue it a bit more…how far…i wonder if it is really a measure of distance between or how far it has spread…the last two lines are so intriguing as well calling me to learn more…

  3. Thank you for the note… but I liked the poetry by itself… well done

    • am unsure about notes etc myself, but if there are specific details (locations, local features in particular) I think it can help sometimes (and I do write about some fairly obscure subjects sometimes!). Folk have often asked for them, so I stick them in as comments… such is life… really glad you like the writing. Am hugely enjoying the work over on your site.

  4. exquisitely written… just flows like a song.

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