The Night I Saw “Babette’s Feast”


On Brighton beach I watched the birds

Form dark aurora round the pier.

The sunset burned their patterned swirls

As afterglow across my mind.


I watched them as they sucked the light,

And dragged it down beneath the waves,

And when the neon broke their spell,

A lonely soul, I left the sea.


I went to watch a late night film.

The cinema smelled old and cold.

I drifted through a dreamlike meal,

In darkness tasted beer and bread.


A solitary watcher blind:

A film as still as life and time.



response to the film Babette’s Feast, and to art house cinemas.




6 Comments to “The Night I Saw “Babette’s Feast””

  1. Hey can you have a look at my blog for me please! Thank-you x

    • nice site, good theme, well handled. Content is fine – but little hint on blog etiquette (if that’s OK?) make sure to read, comment on and follow sites before asking folk to check out your site. This whole blog-malarky works best that way. What you are writing is great – folk will follow it if you keep up the good work!

      • I’ll take that tip on board! sorry i’m new to all of this! but thank-you very much

      • no probs… if you can find communities or hubs where people are writing/posting similar work/ideas to “where you are coming from” it is a realy productive way to work. Also, the more you tag your posts the more likely you are to reach folk who you’ll find common purpose with. It also helps really clarify what your writing is about (sometimes a hard thing to do…). Anyhow, happy blogging, and keep up the good work!

  2. Is this Sidse Babette Knudsen ( see Borgen) ?? Good! Pa

  3. Ah, a rich, lovely and haunting feast…like the film that inspired this. Thank you.

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