Three Colours: Blue


The beads of simple, tinted glass:

Between each one the links of loss.

The music of their chimes when touched:

The glittered schisms, splitting light.


Each facet shines with bitter dreams.

Each angle cut betrays a past,

A slight, a trap, a loveless chill,

And yet a life which always was.


The threads which bind are rarely seen.

Beneath the beat, a universe;

Between the beads and solid earth

The scattered force of freedom’s cost.


The grief which comes with cutting loose

The bluest segments of the sky.



Response to the film Three Colours: Blue.

11 Comments to “Three Colours: Blue”

  1. Cutting loose is always a grievous process, it seems to me. I really like the lilt of this poem, although the areas it explores are dark indeed.

    Beggar and Buddha

  2. This poem is so moving, I especially love the second stanza, so powerful. It’s simply stunning.

  3. Excellent once again. The more I read your poetry, Gavin, the more I appreciate it. It is not poetry to be rushed through, but must be read slowly and savored or one misses the gems within. The links of loss between the beads, for example. I nod when I read that the ties that blind are seldom seen…so very true, I think, but also so very sad, I think. I find myself reflecting on the cutting loose of the bluest segments of the sky. Is it the connections that are being cut? Or the grief? The bitter dreams? I guess I can interpret as I wish, but still I wonder……

  4. this is truly beautiful! Thank you for your offering.

  5. Excellent words straight from the heart.

  6. I look forward, every week, to the gentle education and illumination you offer in your work. Again, you succeed, as you juxtapose objects of general appreciation with feelings of loss and betrayal to provide a bittersweet treat.

  7. Your poems beg to be read out loud, like all good poetry! This one is no exception. You carried me on a journey through grief and letting go ………to the wonderful last two lines . And so sad to discover that ‘ the life which always was’.. can ‘shine with bitter dreams.’

  8. Oh my goodness, what a fantastic write…….”the links of loss”, the “bitter dreams”, and your closing lines – fantastic!!!!

  9. The links of loss–what a fabulous line and your piece is captivating–

  10. I haven’t seen the movie, but your poem makes me want to.

  11. “The threads which bind are rarely seen.” and “The bluest segments of the sky.” wonderful and so true.

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