Above these tides of dreams and life,

Where birth is but a breath from death,

And all the fears you thought you’d fled,

Can gather round to smooth your brow.


Above them – can we say above? –

They flow, they ooze, they doubt, they prove,

A conscious flood of yesterdays.

What made you strong – that quivered lip?


That toy you held, because because you knew

It couldn’t last? You gripped it tight.

The love you held as if they’d leave

A note for you, and nothing more?


The tides keep rising from your past:

On each remembered kiss there’s blood.


response to the films and novel “Solaris”.

8 Comments to “Solaris”

  1. i don’t know the film but really felt the angst in this.. the being afraid as a kid that things don’t last…the insecurity that comes with it..great flow as well..

  2. We both wrote of dreams and life and fear.

    And my last poem I used a music video to inspire a poem.

    We are on the same wavelength.

    Did you like Solaris. It would be fun to read this AFTER seeing the movie — which was the point of my poem “Bloody Tear”. Seeing me movie would help me understand your allusions. I understand them in general of course: desires, fears and a less noble view of love.

  3. evocative last line…on each remembered kis there’s blood…a very moving piece…and evocative…made me think of the things we try to hold onto well beyond when we should….

  4. I do think so true that life is just a breath from death. The transition can happen in the blink of an eye. And yes, oh those memories do surface, are inescapable: the good ones as well as the bad. The phrase ‘on each remembered kiss there’s blood’ is chilling. Another evocative write here, Gavin.

  5. Birth is but a breath from death! OH so true and tragic at the same time!

  6. Love this, “where birth is but a breath from death” you describe so vividly how we so often hold onto things we must inevitably let go of. Wonderful poem

  7. I do not know the book or the movie, but your words have a lovely rhythm and flow to them, and the tale they hint has peaked my interest. Especially love the first stanza, it pulls you right into the piece. Well penned.

  8. I loved the film, and you do, indeed, capture it’s somewhat melancholy nature.

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