My screams are petals, leaves and buds,

Their blooms, I howl down from the stars,

In solitary flights they fade,

From treetops shed their seasons’ end.


I cannot say I do not fear

What lies beneath, what is so near.

I cannot hide, nor pass unseen,

Before these people I have been.


These eyes have held a mirrored sky,

Ensouled the air and stared through depths

Which others see and doubt no more:

These pains which come with beauty’s name.


Although I have no choice but this,

My screams are blossoms of my bliss.




12 Comments to “Painkiller”

  1. Cool CW – you write with a vivid intensity!

  2. Hi Cheesewolf…. I am not commenting on the poem you shared at Poets United Poetry Pantry (purposely, as this is meant for your eyes only) and you are welcome to delete this comment after having read it. Each week I encourage people to visit other poets. Each week you are one of the early linkers and as far as I see you don’t visit any other poets’ links. This is what I call a poet who does ‘link and run,’ happily accepting comments and enjoying them but not giving any time or interest to others’ work. Could I convince you that it would be a good thing for you to at least reciprocate with people who have visited you? (And do week after week) I know I visit you, and as time goes on I will tire of this if there is no interaction (no two way). It leaves a bad taste after a while. Today you are going to be the featured poet at Poets United. I would think you would like to know a bit about other poets as well who make up the community. It takes me hours to visit all the poets who post in Poetry Pantry, but I do it. I guess I just don’t get people who happily link and wait for others but don’t visit in return. Again, you can erase this comment….but I hope the thoughts will sink in a bit….and there is still time to reciprocate as the pantry IS still open and a lot of people have responded to YOUR poem.

    • Hi Mary – as your follow up post has corrected I am a regular visitor to other’s posts (and commentor – is that a word?). I love reading other contributor’s poetry, and when I can I have a sit down session to comment back. I don’t get nearly enough time to do this as I would wish – especially not of late. However, I do try to visit as many sites as I can. I agree with you that this is an important part of a community, and I try to “do my bit”.


  3. Well, I do see that you have replied to some poets, so I am wrong above. I guess I am just one that you generally pass by. So I stand corrected.

    • Not a conscious decision not to comment on your work – maybe you being usually first in the list has an effect… takes me a “while to get going” on the commenting stakes. I dunno. Sorry if this is the case.

  4. I am sorry about my comment. I wish I had not made it…I know people have only a limited amount of time for this kind of thing, and you really cannot comment on everyone’s, that is for sure. I guess I was just feeling sensitive and it came out badly…..I apologize. Erase this thread of conversation if you could. I did enjoy your interview, and you sound like a delightful teacher. (I used to teach as well ) Looking forward to your next writings. Again, please accept my apology for my rudeness.

    • tis not a problem at all! Please see my reply to your comment on Sherry’s interview for my (wholehearted) feelings on the matter…

      • I have indeed read it. Thank you very much. See you next Sunday, if not before. (Consider looking at Kim’s prompt tomorrow morning!! I will give you a heads up ahead of time….it will be FENCES!)

  5. We love the raw intensity of your poems! Thank you for following our blog.

  6. The whoe flow,rhythm and word choice in this poem were amazing, I loved how it’s title aswell is intervowen in the whole poem. I liked this part best:”These eyes have held a mirrored sky,

    Ensouled the air and stared through depths

    Which others see and doubt no more:

    These pains which come with beauty’s name”. Thank you for giving me a chance to read this awesome work of art.

  7. Vivid, intense, beautiful–thank you.

  8. This poem really is quite lovely.

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