Limit of Learning (They Took the Sky)


Those skies were never meant to end.

Off west the distant Irish coast,

And east the millstone cities smoke:

Horizons wide enough for dreams.


Then came the day they closed the sky:

One little push, one breeze to blow.

They left the air but took the far,

So less and less would raise their heads.


Together we would wish the Earth,

Instead were left with measured ground,

And shivered at the thought of worlds

Beyond the confines of our plots.


We reached, we yearned, we stared, we learned:

And then they took away the sky.



4 Comments to “Limit of Learning (They Took the Sky)”

  1. Amazing poem! “horizons wide enough for dreams” so beautiful!

  2. To me I felt sad…but might be my mood. It seems to me that “we” took the sky or polluted the sky and what we always took for granted was gone.. If that wasn’t the intent at all, I apologize…it was how I felt when I read it…Michelle

    • the explicit meaning is in the title (closing off of access to learning – something which has happened here in England in the last couple of years), but the more general “finger pointed” is at any oppression. As such oppression is usually by a voiced over a voiceless your reading is entirely in keeping.

      • Thank you for answering.. I can see it from that perspective. I don’t know if a poet would be more pleased that the exact intent of the poem is seen or that someone had an emotional reaction to it. I will enjoy reading your poetry and thank you for the comment about my blog. Nature is so important and I try to educate and awaken a love for it that someone might not have had. If someone tells me that they went and looked for birds or even started a bird feeder which has happened..that makes me happy…Michelle

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