The Sylph of Dales’ Song


Above the hills and northern dales,

Above the outcrops on the moors,

Above the mists and passing rains,

Above the senses and the dreams,


It saw the world for what it was.

It smoothed the waters, rocks and flames.

It watched the changing, watched the lulls.

It wrapped the world and lungs it filled.


It quivered with the wings of birds,

It gathered all their voices up,

It kept them for the sun to breathe,

It kept them for the stars to grieve.


Above the beauty of the skies,

Above the tales, above the lives.



17 Comments to “The Sylph of Dales’ Song”

  1. Beautiful ethereal words! I definitely feel like I am floating above….

    Thank you for your participation and support of Poetry Pantry this year. And I wish you all the best of writing and everything else in 2013!

  2. Oh wonderful poem!!! Gosh you are SO busy writing. Do they take a long time to compose?

    • I generally write one a day – usually before going to sleep. Some I get down in a single sitting with hardly a crossing out, some take ages and lots of tinkering. I’m not sure what others find, but for me writing a poem can be like getting to know someone: some folks you just get, others take a while to figure out.

  3. I enjoyed flying with your sylph today! I think it passes by my window on a regular basis! Thanks for putting a name to it!

  4. This is utterly beautiful. Like Mary, I felt like I was floating.

  5. Today I took a ride on a hummingbird’s wing and saw the world for what it is, Thanks for the flight.

    • thanks for the comment. I have pictures of hummingbirds all over my house, but I’ve never seen one (sadly we don’t get them in Yorkshire). I’d love to. To have taken a ride on one must have been more than simply splendid!

  6. Thank you for following my blog..I have to warn you that I can’t write poetry and I wish I could but I enjoy others. I wish had taken more literature courses at college but had no room with all the education classes I needed in order to teach. You come at kind of a crossroads. I have been blogging for 6 years about nature and now I am been diagnosed with breast cancer and have had to weave that in as I am going to use nature to help me through it all…Michelle

    • your blog is wonderful. There is so much on it to enjoy. Such a love of nature comes through more clearly than I have seen on any site. I love the bird feeder list especially. Funnily, although we live in different hemispheres, our lists share some birds… My thoughts are with you in your fight with cancer. I have found through my mother’s fight that taking each day at a time is the best… and after all, it is all any of us ever have. Best wishes… Gavin

  7. Magical above the stars, above the lives. I enjoyed reading and feeling the wonder of this poem.

  8. This is such an interesting approach to a sonnet-like poem. The definition of each quatrain is founded on the first rather than last word. I really enjoyed your description and the couplet is sterling!

  9. Amazing flow, per usual–no clunks nor crashes. Smooth, well-crafted sound and imagery. Each verse contained a mini-crescendo.

  10. so beautiful… unentangled, joy of the whole. Happy New Year!

  11. Gorgeous!! I found myself humming as I read. Really enjoying your poetry 🙂

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