Song 10: All Things Must Pass


The fear and pain, the joy and love,

And everything we ever love,

Unfurls the universe of love:

We pass away, and we are love.


The scent of wood smoke from the fire;

Through frosted glass, a shooting star;

A flock of sparrows in the snow;

A note you wrote ten years ago.


I read the tales of Gilgamesh,

See broken hearts on river beds.

I walk the ancient woodland ways,

My worth is breath, my nights are days.


A life is made as seconds pass,

The birds all know their songs don’t last.



Here, now, where I listen to All Things Must Pass, by George Harrison


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18 Comments to “Song 10: All Things Must Pass”

  1. This is so beautiful..”.My worth is breath, my nights are days.” Love that line. So glad you stopped by my blog so I might find the beauty on yours.

  2. I need to remember these words during the hectic days of getting ready for Christmas. Too much tension! Your words arrived at the right time.

  3. My sentiments for this poem are the last word in every line in the first stanza. Thanks so much for following my blog! πŸ™‚

  4. For me this poem is sad. I don’t like to think that I will disappear (working on that ego stuff) But More importantly I want to leave love and make my community better.
    We pass away, and we are love.
    Beautiful transformation but still sad. . .

  5. yeah..they know their songs don’t last but still they sing so beautifully… carpe diem…smiles

    • birds seem to sing somewhere between the urgent and the now – like it matters (whatever “it” is). I used to think carpe diem was exclusively “of the moment”. I now feel it infers embracing all that has been, is and will come. The trick is to learn how to hover on the pivot of joy and grief. Like a merle in song.

  6. the rhyme scheme in this is enchanting…aprticularly the middle stanza and i love the images in it as well….love is, no matter what…it is…i like that…

  7. I walk the ancient woodland ways,

    My worth is breath, my nights are days.

    Such beautiful writing–Thank you for gracing my day with it

  8. What an incredibly beautiful poem! “My worth is breath, my nights are days”. I love the flock of sparrows in the snow, and the affirming message in this poem. I absolutely love the rhythm and rhyming in this piece. And thanks so much for your kind comment on my blog.

  9. This is beautifully written. I feel love, melancholy and loss all mixed in together. I love your images: frosted glass, a note from ten years ago…

  10. This has something of a ‘classic; feel about it and yet it is very much of the present too. I agree so much about birds living ‘in the moment’ as if each moment may be their last and who knows, it may be.
    This is absolutely incredible poetry.

  11. ..beautiful and refreshing to hear such a song… smiles…

  12. Truth from a master’s voice. This is what I read, I hear. And I am grateful for the wisdom shared.

  13. Beautiful words. Thank you.

    Anna :o]

  14. Your “songs” are so beautiful, full of love, and subtle connection with nature. Wonderful! I am glad I came. πŸ™‚

  15. I like it how it ends with ‘The birds all know their songs don’t last’. It’s so meaningful that our whole beautiful lovely life has no meaning in the end, and it too shall pass. And more that we add meaning to our lives on our own.Good thought to chew upon today. Thanks! πŸ™‚

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