Song 6: Waterloo Sunset



Their life began in simple steps,

As all the greatest stories do.

A train, a bridge, a longing glance,

And talking hours in Waterloo.


The huddled, shuffling city streams

Rolled by with hushed transparent forms,

Their fingers touched and time stood still.

The river passed beneath and through.


And off into the night and lights,

From which a million lovers fled.

They found a café – dragged it out –

She missed her train and then again.


Each parting brought them closer to,

The start of life at Waterloo.


Waterloo Station, London, where I heard Waterloo Sunset by The Kinks.

5 Comments to “Song 6: Waterloo Sunset”

  1. I love the mood you create in this poem.

  2. Very nice poem. There is a sense of each of them also meeting their Waterloo! k.

  3. This is very good. As are the other Song Reflections/inspirations on this page. I really like that aspect a lot, will have to dig in deeper here to see what other songs you’ve used. This one’s very good, and One is incredible. Thanks

  4. “Their fingers touched and time stood still.” So very YES. The concentration of nerve endings in fingers can send messages that transcend time, place, lives.

  5. this is a very lovely love poem. and thanks for the Kinks’ song. 🙂

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