Song 2: Road to Nowhere


I drank another strawberry wine,

And danced for hours with flailing arms.

The streets were made for running wild,

And lost or free, it all made sense.


The flames from which the house was built

Had licked and teased my teenage mind,

And burned me through with blistered towns:

The wreck I left, the wreck I was.


And in another club or pub

I drank another strawberry wine,

And fell in love, and fell apart,

And planned another shining start.


I didn’t know the words for life:

I took a guess and sang too loud.


Blackburn, Lancashire where I heard Road to Nowhere by Talking Heads

17 Comments to “Song 2: Road to Nowhere”

  1. Wow, great word play I thought–made me want to dance, this piece

  2. Boone’s Farm?? Strangely, I can relate to this story. Nicely done!

  3. whew…that is a bit of the adolescent life….really like that second stanza and great close…i walked the flame a bit myself in my day…smiles.

  4. Sounds like fun…

  5. so many of us learned the words for life the hard way… beautifully written.

  6. “The wreck I left, the wreck I was” — definitely sounds like YOUTH to me!! Well penned.

  7. falling in love, falling apart and strawberry wine…ha…sounds all too real..smiles

  8. I took a guess and sang too loud.
    I LOVE this line. I hate it when I do this I feel like an idiot! Amazing line!

  9. How effectively you’ve carried us through the teenage experience of so many. Loving, living, laughing, drinking, carousing, but most of all, learning. I felt as if I was in the last pub, drinking a baby cham and dancing to the too-loud singing.

  10. Sometimes it takes a little while to figure out where we’re going, or how to use our voice to be not too soft, nor too loud. Great work on this, nicely written!

  11. This moves nicely!

  12. My strawberry wine days – I took a guess and danced too long; one sip and I was lost.

  13. lovely work. reminded me of the time i drank too much (it was rum) and walked into a drain. 🙂

  14. Very powerful… I really love the last stanza.

  15. Wonderful words to describe those teen years. Your last two lines are perfect!

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