Jekyll’s Garden (Lindisfarne)


The sea has cast its books as spray,

Its prayers are fresh with western words.

The sea – the circling sunrise sea –

Has sealed the island’s lips and lives


For here the world can wash and wait,

Can hurl its gales and comets crash,

For here the world means nothing more

Than mysteries from a distant age.


Upon the wall the wheatear flicks

Its tail and picks at thistle threads

From interlocking beds and dips

Away towards the castle rock.


It seems that time has lost its way,

For here the sea turns all to spray.


3 Comments to “Jekyll’s Garden (Lindisfarne)”

  1. I’m hearing sealed screams and savagery and then I’m dipping away towards the castle with the little bird. Is she building a nest with her thistle threads? There is nothing that a good sea spray can’t efface.

  2. Tantalizing juxtaposition, if we are talking Gertrude here ?

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