A Simple Song of Silence


This emptiness we fill with song,

And flowers, birds and loving words.

But in our night the void returns,

And even tears are simply spent.


The days and weeks each add their lines

Which call the cold to take its toll,

And silence haunts the smiles we form,

Our tears won’t slow the passing time.


I cannot bear the joy you missed.

So here we sit and watch the glow,

Of embers slipping into ash.

The music dies and we are left


With nothing but tranquility,

And tears which well but never fall.

11 Responses to “A Simple Song of Silence”

  1. dang..heavy with feeling…i just feel like sinking in the chair by the fire and gazing inward….def feel the loss without you having a really say it….

  2. Through a lifes turn of events, nicely spun and enjoyed the flow.

  3. Ooh, I like this: “And silence haunts the smiles we form”

  4. delicate and beautiful… it seems if you breathe too hard, it will shatter.
    i loved the rhythm – wonderfully constructed.

  5. Oh this is sad. It feels like a beloved has died. I know this feeling.

  6. Elegance in iambic tetrameter – the lines are fluid, and the rhymes unforced. The music has a quiet simplicity in it. So regular it could easily be set to music. The message equally is universal. Well done.

  7. so beautiful. I was just on a skype call with colleagues, meditation teachers and we were talking about silence and darkness and the light that arises when we close our eyes, the darkness, the fears, the sadness too… but that darkness/silence is also a container that can allow peace to be present along side the shadows… anyway, this conversation returned to me as I read your beautiful poem… the last lines so precious.

  8. This is exquisite:) Thank you so very much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment 🙂 Greatly appreciated.


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