We walked across the gap of time,

And swapped our myths of broken words.

Our bodies moved within one space:

This void between these walls we shared.


We held a century in our grasp:

The wars and births and distant dreams.

We shared a common pause for thought,

And watched the skies turn gold and grey.


We wasted hours and waited years,

And breathed Atlantic weather fronts.

The tree – which rattled Autumn’s last –

Was yours and mine, but never ours.


Between the sands which marked our lives,

The binding roots of blood and breath.


13 Comments to “Marram”

  1. Yes, amazing how the bridge appears, when we discuss our roots, blood and breath!
    Powerful and I can imagine it….
    Well Done

  2. This is wonderfully made. I especially loved the poignancy of the last three lines.

  3. Enjoyed this! (But I am looking for the ‘bridge’)

    • We moved into a new house this summer, and it’s about 120 years old. In old houses – indeed, in “imbued” spaces in general – I always have the sense that those who came before are still present. The bridge in this sense is the physical link between myself and the past occupier of the space – that link being the space which is rich and resonant with them. The title is another way of expressing this – marram grass acts like a glue in the construction of a sand dune. It links the disparate grains of the whole.

  4. This makes me think of the gaps that can occur between family members who dont fully understand each other…….the poem itself perhaps could be the bridge trying to span the distance. Well done.

  5. I love the rhythmic read of this piece…the sharing that happens throughout is the bridge and it is beautiful…such a great write.

  6. I’m glad you added your comment. I was on the right track, thinking it was an older person and a younger one. But now, with a second closer read, I see it right there in the first stanza! Nice job.

  7. I really liked this poem for its longevity with time and its depth of feeling….Then I read your explanation and the whole meaning took shape..I feel the same, in that we do link with the past and indeed the present..Existence in a time and place. A superb image of bridging the time lines:)


  8. I usually have to look something up when I read your poems, and now I’m in love with marram grass for it’s ability to regenerate and hold things together (even through war and Atlantic weather fronts).

  9. I love the wasted hours, never wasted in my opinion

  10. love the strong imagery, especially the last line “The binding roots of blood and breath.” beautiful!

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