Death and the Alder Grove


In hollow times I cease to be,

And seek the caves of others’ thoughts.

I cease to write and cease to speak,

I close my mind and haul within.


And there their echoes fill my mouth.

And there their doubts cascade around

In empty soothings, empty charms,

In shallow, whirling myths and lies.


So further into death I climb,

Until at last I find my peace

In ancient groves of alder trees,

In silence deep as pain is long.


Where mysteries breathe and lives are sought:

Where self has ended, selves are caught.

15 Comments to “Death and the Alder Grove”

  1. I love the sound/word choices in the second stanza, homonyms were smooth.

    I thought of the magic of Alder. Also, fe rods.

  2. wow that last line… so powerful! thanks again for participating in the gratitude quilt.

  3. My first reaction was the first word Laura used. WOW!! “In hollow times I cease to be.” Love that line….sometimes it seems like this, doesn’t it. We just go into a kind of ‘nonexistant mode’ and close ourselves off to everyone and even ourselves! I enjoyed your poem.

  4. There’s something mytsical about this poem, very haunting and spiritual, really enjoyed.

  5. Embedded with magic, it is.

  6. You have captured that classic feel in your sonnet – I love the language and the imagery, especially of the third quatrain and the final couplet carries all the weight of what comes before. Excellent work.

  7. Very strong first line, I enjoyed the ethereal feel to this poem, the rhymes add dimension to it and the last line really wowed me!

  8. I like your sonnet; I was drawn in from the start, by the title. It’s hard to express certain gray emotions, but you’ve done a very nicely with it, here.

  9. I so understand this place, this Alder Grove, and just wish that I had a similar place to go when the life is ‘sucked’ out of me by distraction. I LOVE this poem.

  10. Beautiful write and the classical feel serve the subject matter so well

  11. Where self has ended, selves are caught. That line, in and of itself, has me mesmerized and has inspired me to pursue and play with it with my pen…

  12. That last line is incredibly powerful, capping off a poem whose flow and lyricism are so pretty.

  13. “In shallow, whirling myths and lies.” Indeed.

  14. Ooh! This I love! That last line is perfect.

  15. Beautiful poem, love “silence deep as pain is long”

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